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Guide to Choosing the Right Passenger Vehicle for You

So, you’ve finally made the decision to buy a new car and, like all of us, you are now confronted with an endless array of car types, models and features from which to choose. At Denlo Volkswagen, our team decided to put together a simple guide to help you choose the type of car you need based on your requirements. Read on for more information on which segments are popular today.


SUVs now outsell the traditional sedan in Australia’s market by a long way. Chosen for their practicality, safety and versatility. An SUV is a good option for Australians who want to experience everything that life has to offer. Suited for families, adventurous couples or even the lone traveller, an SUV can be trusted to get you wherever you need to go. Browse our complete range of award-winning Volkswagen SUV’s.


The term “ute” was originally short for utility vehicle version of sedans. With Ute sales frequently eclipsing all other vehicles in Australia, this segment is popular amongst those who need plenty of power, durability and cargo space for a variety of materials.


Simply put, sedans are the ‘traditional’ car that we all know and love. Although their popularity has waned in recent years as new segments are catching up, there is still room for design and technological innovation in this genre. Find out more about the Volkswagen Passat Sedan.


Hatchbacks have become the car of choice for urban Australians looking to weave in and out of rush hour traffic while being able to carry enough luggage and keep fuel costs low. Hugely popular amongst younger Aussies and budget-conscious buyers, the hatchback segment has exploded in the last few years and now comes packed with loads of safety and comfort features.

Widest Range of Volkswagen Passenger Vehicles in Australia

When it comes to choosing a car for you and your family, accept no substitute for Volkswagen’s advanced engineering and thoughtful safety features. At Denlo Volkswagen, we offer the largest selection of Volkswagen SUV’s, hatchbacks, wagons, coupes and more. Visit us today on Parramatta road or contact us today!