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Denlo Volkswagen New Arriving Cars in New South Wales

One of the most troubling aspects of the Covid-19 pandemic has been the devastating impact it has caused on the world’s supply chains. One of the most badly hit sectors is the automotive industry, where the ongoing semiconductor chip shortage has caused a major dip in automobile production, leading to a car shortage across Australia. At Denlo Volkswagen, we are working to deal with this car shortage by updating our new cars page consistently, allowing customers to pre-order car options and find a new Volkswagen as quickly as possible.

Importance of Semiconductor Chips

Semiconductor chips are tiny components that are critical to the functioning of all cars and trucks today. These chips power driver-assist features, infotainment systems and even heated car seats, all of which are powered by computer chips, the demand for which is only increasing. Whether it’s a VW Amarok, Golf R, Crafter, T-cross, Tiguan or Touareg, every segment of Volkswagen’s vehicles depend on these chips.

Browse the Volkswagen New Cars Page Today

The shortage has impacted Toyota, GM and even Ford. The lack of chips has led to Volkswagen falling short of its production goal by nearly 1.15 million vehicles. How does this affect us? This means cars are in short supply and sold the moment they reach our dealership.

To help our customers navigate this difficult period, Denlo Volkswagen encourages clients to visit the new cars arriving stock page where they can identify the vehicle they want and even pre order car colours and specifications. Our current arriving stock consists of the new Volkswagen Amarok, Golf R, Crafter, T-Cross, Tiguan and Touareg cars.

Newly Arriving Volkswagen Cars in New South Wales

At Denlo Volkswagen, we pride ourselves on being Sydney’s one-stop-shop for all things VW. Whether you’re looking for a reliable SUV, a convenient hatchback, or a commercial vehicle capable of carrying passengers and cargo, VW has a vehicle for every task. Visit our arriving stock page to know which cars are coming soon, or contact our team for help identifying the right Volkswagen for you.