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Before hitting the road, it is important to keep your Volkswagen in ultimate condition. We have a number of service offers available to you at exclusive prices to ensure your vehicle is ready to take on the ultimate drive.

Don’t miss out on these special offers and book your Genuine Volkswagen Service today.

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Anti-bacterial Treatment.

Price: $90.00

The air conditioning system of your Volkswagen can be affected by bacterial and fungal contamination. A 20-minute refresh treatment disinfects the evaporator and air ducts safely and effectively, removing any bacteria and bad smells from the system and leaving the air clean and fresh.

Rotate & Balance +
Safe-T-Stop Check

Price: $75.00

Safe-T-Stop Brake Test with routine tyre rotations and re-balancing is an important to balance out wear and tear among all four tyres. Each tyre will wear differently from the others according to its position on the vehicle. Rotating the tyres to different positions at regular intervals helps improve the longevity of your tyre set as a whole.

Wheel Alignment

Price: $95.00

Trust our highly experienced team to carry out a wheel alignment service for your Volkswagen. An Alignment can reduce excessive stress on your vehicle including the tyres, which can suffer from uneven tread wear. Tyres that wear unevenly are not going to last long and will have compromised traction performance.

Roadtrip Ready Inspection

Price: $88.00

Get ready for the road with a road trip ready inspection. Our experienced mechanics will inspect your Volkswagens tyres, brakes and suspension along all fluid levels checked and topped up as required.

Genuine Aero Wipers

Price: $95.00

Innovative synthetic wiper blade with long service life that minimise wiper blade noises and guarantee optimum performance even at high speeds and in adverse weather conditions.

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