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The Amarok We Know and Love is Leaving

The Amarok We Know and Love is Leaving

For years, the Volkswagen Amarok has been one of Australia’s most popular 4x4 vehicles. The Amarok is a trusted and reliable piece of machinery that has served the nation as a work Ute, a tradespeople car, or a weekend off-road luxury cruiser.

In this article, Denlo Volkswagen Parramatta discusses next year’s Amarok, and how the car that Australians have come to know, and love will no longer be the same. Read below to learn more about the fantastic selling points of the current Amarok, and why it is such a favoured 4x4 around the country.

The Benefits of the Current Amarok

Released to the market in 2021, the current Volkswagen Amarok is packed with features and specs that make it the best luxury 4x4 in Australia. Some of the features include:

  • Towing power: The Amarok has a huge 3.5 tonne towing capacity, meaning you can pull large campers and large boats with ease.
  • Built to last: When choosing to spend a considerable amount of money on a vehicle, it is vital that you feel confident in its longevity. The Amarok is tough and built to take on the challenges that the Australian landscape may throw at it.
  • Great fuel efficiency: For such a big rig, the Amarok uses a surprisingly little amount of fuel. In highway mode, you should expect to get around 9.5L/100km, putting it up there as one of the most efficient 4x4s.

Innovative and Dynamic

The current Amarok is not just a powerful and tough rig on the outside, it is also a highly digitised and smart car with integrated technology and innovation. With an inbuilt and hardwired navigation system, reverse camera function, and seamless Bluetooth connection, the current Amarok feels technologically advanced compared to other 4x4s on the market.

What to Expect in the New Amarok Model

In 2022, Volkswagen will be releasing a brand-new Amarok, with new features, new designs, and new technology. The team at Denlo Volkswagen Parramatta have always prioritised innovation, and we don’t plan to stop anytime soon. Buyers can expect a car that drives exceptionally smooth, while maintaining all the tough aspects of the previous model.

To discover more about the new Amarok model, check out our online store, or contact us today.