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The Best Genuine Volkswagen Parts and Accessories, NSW

Denlo Volkswagen is proud to be the most trusted source for everything VW in New South Wales. From helping you find the perfect used or new Volkswagen vehicle, to providing world class VW service and maintenance capabilities, we have all the solutions you need. Read on to find out more about our comprehensive genuine parts and accessories department, where we stock the largest range of VW accessories such as towbar, roof racks, camping accessories, surfing accessories, boating accessories and more.

VW Lifestyle

Denlo Volkswagen’s range of lifestyle accessories is ideal for every Australian adventure.


Many experienced surfers prefer the Volkswagen Roof racks, cargo trays, rubber mats and weather shields, so their vehicles can withstand the elements, protect passengers from direct sunlight and carry surfing gear comfortably. Visit our website for more information on Volkswagen surfing accessories.


Whether you’re taking a trip to a popular camping site or heading into the outback armed with just the necessities, the Volkswagen towbar is an ally you won’t want to leave without. Made with the highest quality materials and installed by certified professionals, the Volkswagen towbar is ideal for towing a caravan. Additionally, Volkswagen roof racks let you carry nearly anything you and your family need. Visit Denlo Volkswagen today for more Volkswagen camping accessories and genuine spare parts.


Both the Volkswagen Amarok and Volkswagen Touareg support a braked towing capacity of up to 3500kg and a maximum load without trailer brakes of 750kg, making them perfect for installing a towbar, which can easily tow a boat for a weekend trip. Visit Denlo VW for more Volkswagen boating accessories.

Dash Cameras for Increased Safety

Give yourself the additional protection you need with Volkswagen dash cameras. A dash cam gives you video proof to show to the police or insurance companies, in case you have an accident, or your vehicle is vandalised in your absence.

Quality Volkswagen Accessories for Surfing and Camping in NSW

From the all-important towbar to roof racks, camping accessories, surfing accessories, boating accessories and more, Denlo Volkswagen has everything you need. Contact us today to find out more about Amarok and Touareg accessories and special offers on spare and genuine parts.